Accessibility Statement

We have implemented features to make the site more accessible to people with visual, motor or cognitive disabilities or those using assistive technologies. We strive to make our website and its content compliant with current accessibility standards.


A text-only site map provides links to all the main areas and sub-areas of the site in a more accessible format. To access the site map, click on the Site map link at the bottom right of any page, and then click on a link within the site map to open the relevant page.


A text description has been added to each image within <alt> tags. This will appear as a ‘tooltip’ to users with visual browsers and will also be read out be screen readers. Images used purely for decorative purposes contain a null value so they will not be read by screen readers or generate a ‘tooltip’ unnecessarily.


Text is resizable. Visually-impaired users may find increasing the text size within their browser makes reading pages easier.