The North Carolina Community College System Virtual Learning Community is committed to providing a quality educational experience to students through distance learning course offerings available at most North Carolina Community Colleges.

This page is designed to answer some basic questions about distance learning, including options, courses and degrees available, plus give contact information for you to learn more about accessing courses at a particular community college.

Distance Education Options

Distance learning occurs when the interaction of a student and instructor is separated by place and/or time.

These "non-traditional" courses are designed for students who are self-directed, meaning that they are responsible to do their lessons and assignments without having a set schedule of class meetings (except in ITV classes). More importantly, these classes maintain a level of academic quality comparable with so-called "traditional" courses which meet at a specified day and time in a specific location.

We strongly recommend that new students considering a distance education course be aware of the differences in instruction and of the commitments they must make to complete their lessons before they enroll.

Distance education classes are taught using a variety of methods of content delivery:

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