What is the VLC?

Beginning in the academic year 1998-1999 through the present, the Virtual Learning Community (VLC) has been a strategic part of the NC Community College System. The VLC has promoted and enhanced the unprecedented growth in distance and online learning in our System. From its inception, the VLC strategy for innovative teaching and learning has proven itself through the quality, productivity and longevity of the program. As distance learning continues to grow and evolve, the practices, colleges’ engagement, and the distance learning products continue to improve.

Learn. Virtually Anywhere.

eLearning allows the citizens of NC to “Learn. Virtually Anywhere.” eLearning provides students opportunities to advance career and educational goals. The Virtual Learning Community’s mission is to support local colleges’ distance learning initiatives through developing and editing resources for curriculum and continuing education online and blended courses, offering faculty training, and best practice trends and new technologies.


Katherine H. Davis
Director of Distance Learning and Change Management, NCCCS
(919) 807-7109
Celebrating 20 years of service.
From the beginning, the VLC process has established a strategy of collaboration and learning technology resources to benefit students, instructors, and staff who engage in all areas of distance learning. For 20 years, the VLC has supported the mission of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges, through the development and improvement of high quality and accessible educational opportunities that minimize barriers to postsecondary education and maximize student success.