Journal Entries

Typically, journal entries are private reflective assignments, requiring you to provide a personal reaction to a current class topic or to respond to a general question about the class. For example, “What concept covered so far has been the most difficult for you to understand?” Usually, the entries are designed to be private responses shared only by you and the instructor, although in some cases, it may be appropriate to share entries with classmates or with group members. Only the instructor and writer of the journal may comments on the journal; however, the instructor may choose to make the journal entries visible to group or class members. Feedback and grades from the instructor are visible to you on the journal page.

A journal consists of:

If a student is removed from the course, the student's journal will be deleted. All journal entries and comments are deleted.

Creating a Journal Entry

Instructors and users can create and post Journal Entries or save them in draft form for later posting.

  1. From the course menu, click Tools and then Journals.
  2. Click on the journal title to open the journal.
  3. Click Create Journal Entry.
  4. Enter an Entry Title.
  5. Enter the text in the Entry Message Text Editor.
  6. If desired, click Browse My Computer or Browse for Content Collection item to attach a file to the Journal entry.
  7. Click Post Entry to post the Journal entry, OR
  8. Click Save Entry as Draft to post the entry later.

Viewing and Editing Drafts

Journal entries can be saved for later editing and posting.

Commenting on a Journal Entry

Instructors and users can create comments to Journal Entries if commenting is allowed.